Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Feeling a lot better now, so we jetted over to Hollywood for a meeting with one of the big studios that is interested in making a biopic of my life.

They have been very keen to get someone called Brad Pitt to play my part. Apparently, he has a lot of kids to support and is usually desperate for any jobs he can get. But it seems he has been booked up to do another job.

Personally, I am rather pleased because I am not convinced an American could pull off my accent - I still much prefer Hugh Grant and I know that he is desperately keen to play the part.

We had some discussion about the sensitive issue of the bicycle incident from my university days. It will be made clear that I was only borrowing it.

We woke up to discover that the Hollywood sign had been vandalised in a most defamatory manner. It seems that Hollywood has not rid itself of it's more radical elements. I suspect Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins may have been responsible.


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