Wednesday, 3 October 2007

New York Melee

When we arrived at JFK there was the usual scrum of reporters and paparazzi desperate to get pictures of me. The life of an international celebrity can be so demanding.

The President of the United States was there to welcome me. I knew he was looking for a photo opportunity. Apparently he is not very popular at the moment and I suppose he is hoping it will bolster his poll ratings to be seen with the world renowned Uncle.

I know that I should have fulfilled my role in life, and given him the economic advice he so sorely needs at the moment.

Perhaps it was the devil-may-care feeling induced by being in New York. I asked the Old Monkey if he thought it would be very wrong if we just slipped away unnoticed and unrecognized. It would be nice to have some fun and freedom from responsibility for a change.

Goodman always carries a disguise kit for his work with A.B.Fox. In a trice we had changed our appearance and taken advantage of a fracas at Security to sneak out a back way.

Hope the President was not too upset.

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