Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Industrial Action Threatens Halloween

A dispute has arisen between Wizard Blenkinsop and a coven of witches. This means that the traditional Halloween celebrations may have to be called off.

The wizard has complained that his trade has really dropped off recently and is convinced that the witches are undercutting him.

I explained to him that everybody has to face competition in business - but he argues that whilst he is providing a public service (he says he charges no more for fiddly bits of magic like drying out flooded houses than he does for the easier spells) the witches are siphoning off only the more lucrative work such as love potions.

I decided that for the sake of the children of Homeward and Badgertown I would see if I could broker some kind of deal.

The Witch leader argued that they are only herbalists providing medicinal cures. This made the Wizard furious. He accused them of being mere dabblers in unscientific quackery. The Witch retorted that if that wasn't the cauldron calling the kettle black she would burn her broomstick. Then she turned him into a frog. The Wizard responded by turning her into a rabbit.

I fear this dispute may take all night to sort out. I asked the Old Monkey to bring beer and sandwiches...and some lettuce and bugs.


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