Monday, 26 November 2007

Discs found !

Good news !

The King of the Badgers came to see me today to inform me that the missing discs have been found.

It turns out that Bill Bodger had not sent the data files to his friend Old Mankey after all. He had, mistakenly, been using the CD's as coasters for his mugs of tea and that is why no one could find them.

Apparently, the discs he sent to Old Mankey were holiday snaps from their golfing trip.
Hope there is nothing embarrassing on them now they are in Beaver's hands !

It is not all good news though.

I am very cross with the King of the Badgers - as you all know he is always strapped for cash so he has agreed to release Jellytussle in return for the money that the Badfort crowd made out of their fake pictures scam.

Perhaps the people who bought the fakes deserve to suffer for their greed but I am not sure if the Badfort Crowd should be allowed to profit by their acts - still, at least the Badgers will benefit.

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