Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Fake !

I am very proud of the 144 drinking fountains I erected for the dwarfs in Lion Tower when I first became rich.

There is a large painting of me opening them in the hall at Homeward.

Imagine my astonishment,then, on reading in my morning paper that this famous masterpiece had just been sold for $20 million dollars in New York. I looked up from the paper. There it was on the wall.

For a moment we all thought we were going mad, the painting could not be in two places at the same time, so I called in my detective A.B.Fox.

We examined the painting closely, comparing it with the image in the paper.

The Old Monkey said "The colour is perfect, and your expression, sir, is wonderful, so masterful and yet so modest. It is indeed a treasure."

The painting in the newspaper was vastly inferior - the colour was positively drab and I just looked smug !

"Someone has clearly been selling fake artworks, sir, I shall have to investigate." said A.B.Fox.


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