Saturday, 5 January 2008

Trojan Elephant

Last night I decided to investigate the mysterious benefactor, Sir Breave Nanthem, who had given me a giant snow elephant.

I went on the interwebby and found this site.

I must say I did not like the tone of it. His picture revealed him to be a vain man - he clearly wore a wig. In fact, the beard looked false too. He looked vaguely familiar. I was just puzzling over his name when it came to me. Breave ? - why that's an anagram of..."Beaver !" shouted Brass as he bounded in.

Brass is my watchdog. He is a large thin dog with a shaggy yellow coat. He has such a fearfully loud bark that it makes the eardrums tingle. It really is most objectionable but it means that he is a fine guard against enemies. He is very loyal which is always a treat in the world of treachery that surrounds me.

He had been keeping watch in the Great Courtyard when he heard a scrabbling sound coming from the Snow Elephant. Before long a ladder appeared and he spotted Beaver and his cronies climbing down from a hidden compartment within the bowels of the beast.

"I heard them whispering Boss - they are out to rob you - they are piling up your treasures and have lowered the drawbridge so that the wooden-legged donkey can bring in a cart,"said Brass. I gave him permission to rouse the inhabitants of Homeward and he let out a series of ear-splitting barks - enough to waken anybody from their slumbers.

A battle ensued and we soon had the miscreants routed. Brass managed to nip Beaver's backside several times and chased Hitmouse into the moat.

Typical - only a few days into the new year and already Beaver is causing trouble again.

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