Monday, 15 September 2008

My Ancestral Home

Dear Readers,

I am afraid I shall not be able to 'blog' over the next couple of weeks.

My brother Rudolph has come to stay bearing some rather bad news. It appears that our ancestral home - 'Treetops' - is in a state of terrible disrepair.

Apparently, for many years it has lain neglected - visited only by those wishing to see my birthplace.

If I had but known. I had always assumed that the good citizens of the jungle were keeping it in good repair in case I ever decided to return. But much of the wooden structure is now rotten and weather damaged.

My other brother, Bertram, Rudolph and I have decided to mount an expedition, with a troop of dwarfs, in order to affect a 'makeover'.

As the house is in the deepest darkest part of the jungle - we shall be cut off from any of the technological accoutrements of the modern world.

I shall report on our progress on my return.

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