Sunday, 23 December 2007

Hateman repents !

As always at this time of year at Homeward the weather is fierce. A series of spasmodic blizzards has set in but luckily they follow the same pattern - snow nearly all day but clear in the late afternoon and evening.

Because of the weather some guests, with far to travel, have already started to arrive for my Annual Christmas Eve Party.

Yesterday evening dark figures, some on skis, some with toboggans, could be seen moving down the white slopes from Badgertown. The moon was like a bright silver plate and the sky was full of glittering stars. Many of the guests were carrying lanterns and these made moving points of light.

Watching from the battlements of Badfort we could see Beaver Hateman getting more and more annoyed. He clearly could not cope with the sight of so many on their way to the biggest feast of the year - knowing he would be missing out on the 'nosh-up'.

Today I have had word of some truly miraculous events.

Brashbag sent word that he had sold King Alfred's bags of flour for £4000 to a mysterious ghostly figure in sack cloth.

Dearman informs me that he has managed to sell the motorbike, that he paid an extortionate amount for, to a diminutive figure carrying a load of skewers.

Mister Cheapman says that his reputation has been restored. A strange man wearing a moth-eaten sack cloth 'Santa Costume' has been around to all the stores that had been sold Cheapman's goods to sell at inflated prices. He has bought any unsold goods back and returned the money to all customers that bought the goods!

It truly is a Christmas miracle and shows how even the most fallen amongst us can turn over a new leaf at this special time of year!

My heart warmed by these good deeds, I actually felt a tear in my eye as I wrote out the invite to my party for Beaver and his gang. Who would have believed that I would ever have felt pleasure at welcoming my nemesis to Homeward?

Cheapman arrived with a present for me - an extra special thank you for my help he said.

Socks! - I ask you ? how unimaginative.

Then the Old Monkey pointed out the fact that they were actually made from gold thread.

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