Wednesday, 22 October 2008


My attempt to rescue Homesea and tow it back to it's rightful place, on the coast of Homeward, has been sabotaged!

All was proceeding well, strong chains had been attached at strategic locations and ships of both the British Royal Navy and the United States Navy had managed to tow it clear of the French coast.

Crowds of local people had gathered on the beach to bade us a fond farewell. With tears in their eyes they waved us off. Crocodile tears in my opinion - they were just sad to see their new source of income going West.

At first, the French Government cut up a bit rough about it - threatening not to allow the ships into their territorial waters. "Mais Homesea est plus grand que Disneyland Paris - vous ne pouvez pas l'avoir !" Mister Sarcozy complained.

Then I reminded him of the bail out package I had arranged for his banks and he finally acquiesced - with somewhat bad grace.

As evening fell we were traveling at good speed back towards Homeward.

The following morning, however, we awoke to find all the chains attaching us to the ships cut through!

A.B.Fox blames himself - he feels that he should have been more alert and pre-empted this action.

But as I pointed out to him - who could have guessed that the villagers might not want to enjoy the patronage of Homeward again? It is clear to me that Beaver Hateman has been fermenting unrest.

I have decided to call another meeting at the Town Hall - this kind of unlawful behaviour cannot be tolerated.

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