Thursday, 9 October 2008


This garbled message has been picked up by a radio ham on the Faroe Islands, and is believed to be a message to the world from Uncle - on the village of Homesea - adrift amongst turbulent seas.

Uncle Calling static Uncle Calling static
We static all at Sea...

I have a plan static I am not sure it will work static

I need static decisive intervention to halt static

gigantic scale of both the problem and what has to be done by other static

Widening the range of static that is eligible will make it easier to access the static

in static dramatic attempt to stop the villages's static system melting down.

A number of large ships static - and lifeboats static

This static bold and far-reaching solution to the crisis static

but static not a time for conventional thinking static outdated dogma but for fresh and innovative intervention static to the heart of the problem.

We are relying on other countries static notably the Americans static to follow my plan static

At this point the message was completely engulfed by static.

Cowgill believes he has spotted the village of Homesea - more news follows.

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