Thursday, 18 October 2007

Las Vegas

As it is our last day in America the Old Monkey was very keen to see Las Vegas. I must say this place is the height of bad taste and kitsch. It is full of ersatz culture, tacky glitz, and hustlers. For a cultured elephant like myself it is an anathema.

It is bad enough at home. I am aways having to help the poor unfortunates that are fleeced at Beaver Hateman's casino and bail out those dwarves that make the mistake of betting on his fixed donkey races.

I think even the people who run the rackets here would be shocked at Beaver's methods.

As we were leaving there was an enormous commotion on the strip - a rackety old plane took off, using the road as a runway. It appeared to be being piloted by Elvis Presley. Some dubious characters were giving chase - shooting wildly in the air.

It could only happen in America !

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