Thursday, 27 November 2008


The village is slowly drifting by the island of Annobón. It is an extinct volcano characterised by a succession of beautiful valleys and steep mountains, covered with rich woods and luxuriant vegetation.

From what I can see, from my cell window, it looks a beautiful place.

The Old Monkey tells me all the goings on in the village through the bars of my window. He says the natives of the island come out in their canoes selling water and fresh provisions, of which Annobón offers an abundant supply.

Beaver tried to con them by persuading them to gamble the supplies in the Casino - but they were too canny for him. They soon realised that the games were fixed and took revenge by doubling the price of their goods. Beaver had a tantrum and told them they were a bunch of capitalists operating a monopoly.

He had no choice but to pay up, however.

The Old Monkey asked me if it was not, now, time for him to organise a an invasion of Homesea to take it back into my possession. I refused to countenance the proposal. I will stay in jail for as long as it takes for the villagers to realise the error of their ways and ask me, once more, to take charge of their destinies.

Annobón's name derives from Ano bom - the Portuguese for Good Year.

I would hardly describe this year as having been good. It has been frought with problems.

The Old Monkey informs me that Dearman has collapsed into administration. It was all too much for him - he simply fainted at the thought of having to reduce his prices. At this very moment he is laid up in bed being administered to by Nurse Gladys Emanuel. I'm not sure I feel that sorry for him - she's a pretty young thing.

I shall have to help him out, if I ever get back. Homeward would not be the same without his superb range of pick'n'mix - at only £30 per pound.

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