Monday, 22 October 2007


We decided to stop off at Antarctica on the way home from America. Apparently a lot of countries have been trying to lay claim to bits of it recently. Of course, it is all mine. It was discovered by an ancestor of Wizard Blenkinsop back in 1425. When I bought Homeward from the Wizard the deeds included the rights to this continent.

We thought it a good idea to raise my flag, in order to stake my claim.

Unbelievably, Beaver Hateman had turned up to do the very same thing. He insists his ancestor Waldo Hateman discovered the place in 1424 - a likely story. He says he has plans to build a casino and Black Tom distillery for the scientists and mineralogists who live there most of the time - he says he is doing it purely to make their humdrum lives more enjoyable during the long arctic winters.

Seems like just another one of his scams too me. To top it all, as they had crash landed on an ice floe, they wheedled there way into getting me to give them a lift home. Then they spent the whole journey bickering about ownership of the godforsaken place.

Oh well, at least I had a holiday from them for a while.

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