Wednesday, 31 October 2007

From Bad to Worse

Just as I thought I was getting somewhere sorting out the dispute between Wizard Blenkinsop and the coven of witches, events have taken a turn for the worse.

The manager of the Haunted Tower has been on the phone threatening to shut the place on Halloween. It appears that their bookings from tourists, who like a good scare, have all dried up. The Tower has a duck pond that is used for re-enactments of Witch dunking. Hootman has been jumping out of it as guests arrive and scaring them off before they have even crossed the threshold.

The ghosts look on Hootman as partly one of themselves and they detest him so much that not one of them will go near him. This was clearly his way of getting revenge on them.

The ghosts have been forced to drastically reduce their room rates and the only people who have been making bookings are the Badfort Crowd.

This is no fun for the ghosts as, apart from the coward Hitmouse, Beaver and his gang just ignore their hauntings or, worse still, laugh at them.

I decided to solve both problems with one cunning plan. I would book out all the rooms in the tower for a big party at Halloween and employ Wizard Blenkinsop and the witches to provide magical entertainment. News of their feats of prestigitation will soon spread around the world guaranteeing enough jobs for all.

We should be in for an interesting evening.

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1 comment:

  1. The manager of the Haunted Tower ought to have called Whitebeard in as a consultant. He would be able to advise how the hotel could maximise hotel profits during lean times. For instance, a scam whereby the legs of some of the guests beds are partly sawn through, so when they sit on the bed they fall through the floor, thus allowing the hotel to claim damages from the unfortunate guest. another idea would be a sort of circular soup dispenser, where the guests scoop their soup from a sort of soup channel that goes around in a circle. A hotel owner by the name of Battersby had much success with these schemes.