Friday, 23 November 2007

2 discs

Everyday I receive a pile of post. Most of them are begging letters. As we were going through them, this morning, the Old Monkey found one for him.

It contained 2 CD's and a letter.

One could see where the confusion had arisen. The letter was addressed to Old Mankey at the Badger Audit Office. The Old Monkey runs the Badfort Audit Office (it catalogues all the known misdeeds of the miscreants) from my office and the postman had obviously got them muddled up.

I thought I better give the King of the Badgers a ring as they might be important.

He was so relieved to find out where they were. Apparently they contain a lot of sensitive information, held by Badger Revenue and Customs, on the recipients of my banana allowance.

They had been looking for them everywhere, behind cupboards, under desks - they had turned over the whole office trying to find them. He said he had been accused of incompetence and could lose his job over it.

I told him not to worry - Goodman would parcel them up and bring them around personally. He would also give them some advice on how to run a reliable office.

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