Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Sleaze Accusations !

The King of the Badgers was on the phone to me again yesterday practically in tears.
He really must pull himself together. Not only has he been getting flak about me taking over Badgertown Rock but now people are claiming that I am trying to buy the Mayoral election.

I admit I got Cowgill and Gubbins to take over a bag full of cash to help Noddy Ninety with his campaign - whats wrong with that?. Honestly - that's the thanks you get for trying to help out the democratic process. Noddy did say he would help me out with a couple of planning applications - but that's just greasing the wheels of industry.

Now Boris Badger is moaning that I am just a moneybags trying to fix the election. Cheek!...never heard him complaining when I got him that job at the Badgertown Broadcasting Corporation.

Not surprisingly the Badfort Crowd have got in on the act and have put up Hootman as a candidate on an anti-sleaze ticket.
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

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