Friday, 1 February 2008

Cheese-Grater Tower

We have stopped off on our tour of Homeward to see the new Cheese-Grater Tower.

Wizard Blenkinsop, as the previous owner of Homeward, takes a keen interest in the changing architecture of my domain. He thinks that the place is being wrecked by some of the new towers which he describes as "carbuncles".

To some extent I agree. I much prefer my skyscrapers to be the traditional rectangular block too - a symmetrical design is far more aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the heritage of Homeward.

However, in the case of Cheese-Grater Tower the architect could not have done a better job of fitting form to function. It is a delight to watch the dwarfs at work. Each morning they pull a huge lump of cheese up it's slope and then let it loose. As it descends it grates over the metal indentations showering fine slivers of cheese into the waiting vats below. They repeat this process many times during the day. I am proud to say that our cheese gratings are exported all around the world and are considered a great delicacy.

Next door to Cheese-Grater Tower is Gherkin Tower. This is where the gherkins are grown for all the Fish and Chip Shops of Homeward.

We had a slap up Fish Dinner at the Restaurant at the bottom of the Tower.

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