Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Noddy Ninety's Website

Finally, here is Noddy Ninety's campaign website.

I hope you will look at all these websites carefully before deciding to vote for Noddy Ninety.

Click on the picture below to see more detail.


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  1. Oh Uncle, you are truly the funniest elephant alive: that French git Babar is a miserable narcissist, and a tightwad to boot. Any chance of a half crown or a bit of cocoa?

  2. Dear Mrs Slocombe,

    It is true that I am well known as a great wit and raconteur.

    Whilst one can admire their cusine, I cannot help agreeing with the former Italian supermodel Carla Bruni's remarks about finding French people "miserable" - I blame all that philosophising myself.

    As you know I am a great giver to charity but you must apply for funds to the Old Monkey who administers my philanthropic gestures.

    Are you a destitute dwarf?

    An impoverished imp?

    One has to be careful these days because there are so many demands on one's largesse.



    P.S.Who is this Babar character - is he an elephant of note?