Sunday, 10 August 2008

Coming Home

Captain's Log - Day 35

We are on our way home from the moon.

The Old Monkey persuaded me that we could not leave the Badfort Crowd on the moon after the sterling effort they had made in helping us defeat the Pepperpot monsters.

We retrieved their rocket from the crater it had slipped into. We gave them just enough of the illicit Black Tom, they had been brewing on the moon, to use as fuel to get them home. I wonder how they will cope with staying 'dry' on the way home. I suspect that knowing they will be adrift again if they drink any of the stuff will be enough for them to resist temptation.

I insisted on disposing of the rest of the barrels of the dreadful brew down a large crater. It was only on the way home that A.B.Fox pointed out to me that, being prestigious tunnellers, the dwarfs had probably already got their hands on it.

No doubt they are having a merry old time by now - I expect a serious decline in the production of Helium 3 from the moon.

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