Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Happening

If I get through my conference call with Gordon and Barack in time, I shall be joining in with Mister Linehan's Film Club on Friday Night.

The choice of film is interesting - 'The Happening'.

On the face of it a frothy comedy, but actually a quite frightening parable depicting the bitter consequences of a society engulfed by permissiveness and anarchy.

The 1960's, of course, was the decade in which my biographies were first released and I became a world famous celebrity, so I have fond memories of it. I was there - reciting my poetry during the 14-Hour Technicolour Dream at Alexandra Palace, and posing for Andy Warhol

Let it not be said, therefore, that I was without it.

It was, however, also a decade in which Beaver Hateman's revolutionary urges were condoned by many members of society. Particularly in May '68.

The film, therefore, provokes mixed feelings.

The plot concerns the kidnapping of a business tycoon. It brought back dark memories of the time that I, myself, was kidnapped and held for ransom by the Badfort Crowd.

In the film, the business tycoon, unlike me, has amassed his ill-gotten fortune by dubious means. He is loved by no-one and cannot persuade anyone to pay his ransom.

I, of course, am loved by all my many followers. In fact, the Old Monkey used all his savings to purchase a quantity of Clutchclamp. This drug enabled him to become invisible and affect my rescue.

There is an important message in this film. Money is worthless without the love of your fellow people. A philosophy I heartily agree with. That is why I am considered by many, although I blush to say so, as one of the world's leading philanthropists.

Beaver loves the film, it reminds him of his anarchist youth - but he cries everytime, at the end, when the money gets burnt.

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