Friday, 30 January 2009

Slander !

I have been slandered in the broadsheets!

One would expect this kind of insulting propaganda in the likes of the Badfort News but not on the online pages of a respected newspaper like 'The Guardian'.

Mind you, it has a reputation for being on the left - so I suppose I should not be surprised.

The only correct assertion, in this tissue of lies, is the fact that I favour purple for my dressing gowns.

I am meeting with my solicitors today to discuss what action should be taken.

As you know, I am not afraid of taking libels to Court if that be the only remedy.

Some of you have noticed that I am following Messers Ross and Brand on my twittering site. Let me make it clear that I am only doing this to monitor their behaviour - rumour has it that they are to have their own show on Badfort Radio. I wish to make it clear to both of them that I do not expect to find any 'messages' on my answer machine.

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