Monday, 10 August 2009

Holiday Snaps

I had a nice weekend break at Owl Springs, and did a spot of fishing and horse riding.

As you are aware, I am a shy retiring elephant - but it was rather hot, so I took my top off.

The Old Monkey took some, if I may say so, rather flattering pictures of me that unfortunately found there way into the press.

The Homeward Gazette made some very kind remarks:

"Uncle has an amazing physique for an elephant of his age. Undoubtedly the global politician turned media star of our age. He is as fearless in his leisure time as he is in business. Whilst on holiday he swam with ease across a river. Despite it being fast-flowing and full of rapids, it did not scare Uncle one little bit,"

Of course, there are always some cynics who manage to make everything sound sordid - not least the Badfort News as usual.

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